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Wash & Fold


At Classic Cleaners, we strive to improve your lifestyle with service and convenience. One way we do that is by taking care of your neverending pile of laundry. Drop your laundry off at our store or save even more time with our FREE pickup & delivery service.


We sort your laundry by lights, darks, delicates/workout clothes, and towels to ensure that everything is treated in the proper temperature and cycle. Everything is washed in scentfree, hypo-allergenic detergent and tumble dried. Our expert garment care team neatly folds your laundry so that everything is ready to hit your dresser as soon as soon as you get home! 


Let us take care of your wash & fold/fluff & fold laundry so you can spend your valuable time doing the things you love!



Are there any minimum requirements?

We have a simple 10 pound minimum. For reference, 10 pounds of laundry is less than 2 loads in your at-home washer & dryer!

How does the pickup & delivery work?

Simply enroll in our text list and start getting text reminders twice per week. We only come by for a pickup when you reply “yes” to a reminder.

Do you take special detergent requests?

The options we keep in stock are scentfree and lavender based on feedback we’ve received. However, we do allow clients to provide their own detergent in the form of pods. Simply drop a few pods into a ziplock bag and place them in the wash & fold laundry bag. We’ll be sure to run your laundry with your preferred pods!

Is there any commitment?

No! The service is at your fingertips at whatever frequency meets your needs. For some people that is twice per week EVERY week, and for others it is once every 6-8 weeks.

Do Comforters, Pillows, and sheets qualify?

While we do clean those items, they are not handled out of the wash & fold laundry department. They are processed through our professional laundry or dry cleaning departments based on the required care and size.

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