Environmentally Friendly

At Classic Cleaners, we are proud to be an eco-friendly dry cleaner. With the support of our customers' participation, we've successfully implemented several programs that help shrink our ecological footprint.

Green Garmento Bag

Once a customer has joined the Classic Cleaners family for 3 visits, we gift them with our Green Garmento Bag. This bag is a reusable, multi-purpose garment bag that you'll receive your clean clothes in. This program helps us significantly cut back on the amount of paper and plastic that our customers are forced to throw out once their garments make it back to their closets safely. Unlike the traditional paper and plastic that can create mildew if left on garments, the Garmento Bag is safe to leave on your clothes as long as you'd like!

Hanger Recycling Program

We ask our customers not to toss out hangers that they get from Classic. Instead, ask one of our staff members for a free hanger box. Once you bring back a full box of hangers, receive $1.00 off your next order! This program helps us significantly reduce how many wire hangers end up in landfills every year. 


Environmentally Safe Cleaning

At Classic Cleaners, we take pride in using top of the line cleaning materials. Today, we use GreenEarth Cleaning in our dry cleaning machines and a variety of eco-friendly spot removers. 


We love the South Bay and appreciate your support in helping us do our part to preserve it! 

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